Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spotted: Sir, You Have to Pay For That

As a fellow DC intern myself, I was out for a coffee run this morning at the Cap South Starbucks. After ordering a plethora of drinks, I stepped aside to wait the typical 15 minutes it would take to sort out the chais from the lattes and the quad venti mochas.

As I waited I spotted a fellow intern (obviously sporting his scarlett letter proudly around his neck) looking around hoping someone would be impressed by his presence among the mere mortals. When his turn came, he ordered 4 or 5 drinks that he read off of a post it note. When he had finished (after getting very frustrated when he had to repeat the order a few times) the cashier told him his total. His face twisted into a snarl of distaste- "No, it's for my Congressman" he replied. The cashier didn't seem to understand what he was getting at and simply repeated the total. "No really, (grabs the scarlett letter and thrusts it in the face of the cashier) see? I work on The Hill... it's for my Congressman." He's now speaking slowly and loudly as if the cashier were either deaf or foreign.. or possibly both. "I don't really care who it's for.. your total is $16.04" "They didn't give me any money. This is for the Congressman X. I'm sure you understand that he needs his coffee." The cashier then laughed out loud and told him there was nothing she could do. After a few more futile attempts, the intern was forced to leave, empty handed.