Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Senior Staffer Intern

I am a former House employee, and my job gave me unrestricted floor access. It was great, and I made quite a few friends on the floor. So when the time came that a few of my friends asked if I could give them a Capitol tour, I asked my former boss and was given the okay (given I get Official Business passes, meet at the Speakers' Lobby). I was giving a tour -- not the most formal -- but was showing the bullet holes in the room to my friends.

Suddenly, a woman who I've never met approaches me and tells me I'm giving my tour wrong. She then apologizes to my group for them having such a bad guide. I ask her nicely what the hell she's doing, only to hear her reply that she's a senior staffer and that she knows the rules of the House better than I ever will. I asked to see her badge; she said it wasn't important.

I finally demanded to see it, and you guessed it: intern.

After I see her badge, she returned to her group, head down.