Friday, June 26, 2009

Spotted: Seating for Staff?!

I was attending a hearing the other day in the Senate. The line of interns became larger as time went on before they opened the door. Within moments of opening the door, all of the seats were taken and it became standing room only.

Two young women were working the press table when one was approached by a young man sporting his oh-so familiar red badge of courage. This gem-of-a-guy approaches the young lady and says "excuse me?" "Yes?" she replies. He looks around disdainfully at the crowd that has gathered in the committee room. "Is there a seating area just for STAFF?" "" she says "but i am pretty sure everyone here is basically 'staff'."

Hey, intern, don't show up to a hearing 5 minutes before it starts. Better yet, I'm not sure why you didn't just flash your "I.D. du power" to the 85 year old woman sitting next to you. I am positive she would've recognized your elite status.