Monday, June 22, 2009

Spotted: Sardines

On my daily trek to work, I happened across an intern leading a massive constituent tour. He was in the Russell tunnel, waiting for the next trolley car. His tour was obviously too large to fit everyone comfortably in one trip, but by-God, that fancy red badge he was wearing comes with privileges and one of those privileges is riding on that darn train, even if it's not going to fit the mob you're bringing along for the ride. Several staffers that wanted to ride saw what was going to happen and opted to walk the tunnel instead. We were almost to the Capitol when his trolley car passed (it took a long time to load). Tourists were squeezed in like sardines, layered three thick in the front car sitting on each others laps and looking rather peeved.

A note to intern: Next time, you'll save yourself a lot of time and possibly some contagious skin diseases if you just walk the tunnel from Russell to the CVC. It's not that far. Promise. Plus, had you walked, your tour would have seen a prominent Senator as he was walking back to his office.