Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Red v. Green - Battle for Beer

I currently work on the Hill but also waitress at a restaurant in Foggy Bottom on the weekends for extra cash. Foggy Bottom as you know is the center point for all summer interns. This past Saturday I had 4 young people (2 boys and 2 girls) come in for dinner and sit down. I went over to take their drink orders when i realized that the 2 boys STILL had their intern badges attached to their pants. Clearly they thought they were important when all 4 of them ordered beers. I asked for some ID and after they scoffed at me, one of the boys proceeded to take his red INTERN id and hand it to me. I looked at it, laughed, handed it back and said "I'm sorry I can't use this."

They all began to give me attitude saying things such as "Well, we work on the Hill for Congressmen and these are our federal government badges but I guess you wouldn't realize that since you don't work there." I then handed him back his id, looked at the four of them and said "I actually do work there and I have a green badge not red, maybe if you had a green one." He just glared at me and ordered a coke and went back to muttering.

Side Note: they tipped me in quarters. Hey interns: I hope you enjoy working for that academic credit.