Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spotted: Quizno's Quandary

Our office needed something picked up down the street on Penn, which naturally is an intern job. It was a hot day and the kid decided he would walk outside. He got halfway, realized he didn't have anything for pay for what he was picking up, and walked back. When he came in he was red-faced and sweating and I was the only one in the room. He told me his problem and I gave him my credit card. I felt bad for him (some intern compassion for all the whiny interns who read this), and it was around lunchtime, so I told him to pick himself up a sandwich and put it on my card.

About an hour later he returned with what he was instructed to pick up, but had a very timid look about him. He admitted, "I don't know where I put your card, let me go back to the mail room and look for it. I know it will be there somewhere."


Thirty minutes later he came back and confessed that he had lost my credit card, but added, as if to soften the blow, he had really meant to keep track of it. (Note to interns: on all occasions, your screw-up does not become less of a screw-up simply because you didn't mean for it to happen).

I cancelled my card and paid the renewal fee. Over the weekend, my online transaction log showed that the last two purchases on the card had been the item he picked up for the office, and a $28 charge to Quiznos. Lunch for at least three, probably four.

On Monday when he came in I said, "Hey, you realize there's a website where I can see all the charges put on my card, right?" He silently left the room and returned a minute later to give me 28 bucks.