Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spotted: Pretty Woman

An open letter to the fashion-forward intern (but god help me if you happen to be a staffer),

Though I'm sure your job presents many opportunities to impress, from the jorts-clad families visiting from the district to the hordes of hungry staffers packing the cafeteria at noon, I can't think of a situation appropriate for the backless dress you chose for work this morning. Okay, I apologize - you DID have a strap in the middle of your back, but I'm sure you could have paired your outfit with an accessory better than, oh, say, your TAN LINES. Don't get me wrong, your outfit was quite charming.. and you were probably quite pleased with yourself as you strolled into work this morning... but there better have been a cardigan in your mismatched bag, or I bet you'll have a lot of time to kill this afternoon 'til that cocktail party you're dressed for.

Kindest regards,

A former intern-turned staffer