Friday, June 05, 2009

Spotted: Pizza Party!

Donning pink suits that would make Elle Woods proud, an intern in my office was quickly given the nickname "Tinkerbell" for her ability to flutter all around the office and wear enough bright colors and flashy accessories that she was bound to leave a glitter trail behind her.

Aside from telling us how much she spent on her daily cab ride to Rayburn because she "just couldn't do the metro," the pièce de résistance was on the Congressman's birthday.

Thinking that because it was a birthday there therefore must be a party, planned by her, she proceeded to order five pizzas for the office telling all the LA's that (unbeknownst to the Chief of Staff) there would be a birthday party in the Chief of Staff's office at lunchtime. The pizzas arrived and as we all (too late) lunged after her, she threw open the door to the Congressman's office without even a knock, open pizza box in hand, loudly announcing "Happy Birthday! We're having a pizza party in [Chief of Staff's] office!!" To which the Congressman replied (after a moment of awkward silence) something along the lines of "Oh, wow, well I think you'll have to do that without me."