Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spotted: Obstacle Course in Senate Gallery

Yesterday afternoon there was a vote on the Senate floor. Several interns flooded to the Senate Gallery to take part in the excitement. Most of the seats in the staff section of the gallery were full, with the exception of a few back row seats. Two female interns arrived and spotted the less desirable seats against the back wall, but instead headed toward the press area for a much better view.

The press section is conveniently located on the other side of a thick metal railing. These two brilliant interns must have thought they were pretty clever, as they ducked down under the railing, in their skirts, to get their front row seats in the press area. I am sure they were pretty proud of themselves when they tried to take their seats next to a reporter who, while shaking her head in disgust and absolute bewilderment, sent them with their tails between their legs to the back row behind all the interns who joyfully watched this entire scene unfold. Maybe next time these clever interns will take the hint that those metal railings between sections are placed there on purpose, and not just as an obstacle course or a jungle gym intended to make our visits to the gallery more exciting? Use your heads!