Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spotted: [Not so] Delightfully Tacky

Several weeks ago during the Memorial Day recess, a particular intern working in our office showed up to work with a less than office appropriate outfit. Now, during recess, it is policy in our office for staff to wear "business casual" dress which for men is usually khakis or jeans and a collared shirt. This intern got that part correct just fine. The issue was the Hooters t-shirt that he had on underneath his very thin, light blue, collared shirt. Anyone with better than 20-80 vision could read the logo and the famous "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined" through his shirt. Most people would think about maybe looking in the mirror before leaving their residence, but not this intern. What is even better, later that afternoon, "Hooters intern" accompanied a staff member and some other interns (myself included) on a tour of the Capitol building. Even after being made aware that the Hooters t-shirt was shining through his outer garment like a beacon of idiocy, the intern did not even go to the restroom to flip it inside out to try and help the problem, and proceeded on the tour as is. We proceeded with the tour with many constituents raising an eyebrow about how things go about on the Hill. All I could say was "Wow..."
-An intern with common sense