Monday, June 29, 2009

Spotted: A Night at the Museum

I was with a few interns at an after-hours event at one of the big museums downtown. After the event had ended, everyone was exiting the building through the main doors. One intern who happened to work at that particular museum stated “let’s go out the staff entrance” so the group of us followed him through some of the back hallways for a few minutes until arriving at the door. It was locked. We couldn’t get out that way after hours.

“Let’s try the other door” he said. We then followed him for another minute until we came to a large loading dock where there was another exit door. It was also locked. We turned around deciding to stop listening to this guy and go out the same way as everyone else. Just as we headed back, the door leading out of the loading dock, back into the museum clicked closed, locking itself. Now we were stuck, we couldn’t go forward, nor could we go back the way we came. We were locked in the basement of the museum.

We tried to call security to come let us out but no one knew the right number. We got in touch with the DC police department and they just thought it was hilarious and said there was nothing they could do. Finally after about 20 minutes of wondering how long it was going to take before security found us, someone realized he could lift up the rolling garage-type door just enough to slip under it and open the door leading back into the main hall of the museum.

This experience could have been avoided had I been smart and not followed this intern who thought he knew where he was going.Lesson learned.