Friday, June 12, 2009

Spotted: A New Shade of Fuchisa

An intern in my firm was so zealous that he would all but affix razor blades to his limbs to lacerate his fellow volunteers as he cut a swath to brown nose the company's bold-faced names. One day around the lunch table, waxing inanely about his imagined political expertise, he set to railing against DC corruption, singling out Member of Congress X as the quintessence of political chicanery. "Oh, wow, he's so dirty," declaimed this budding Charlie Cook. "Really?" asked a colleague sitting next to him, "Do tell me more. By the way, pleased to meet you [pause for effect]... I'm [name of Member of Congress X] Jr."

I don't believe the shade of fuchsia that enveloped the intern's face actually exists in nature.