Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Metro Sensors DO Work

One particularly crowded day on the metro going home on the orange line a Capitol Hill intern, still wearing his scarlet letter even though its after 6pm and no one really cares, decided to take it upon himself to stand directly in front of the doors. Now normally I wouldn't care but this intern did not seem to realize where the sensors were in the car nor the meaning of DO NOT LEAN ON THE DOORS. After going about three stops and trying to close the doors at least six times each stop as well as our driver asking on the intercom to move away from the doors.

The intern finally acknowledged the many dirty looks by fellow passengers, attempts by our driver to close the doors, many warnings that you cannot lean on the doors, and threats that she would kick everyone off the train if whoever was leaning on the doors didn't stop. Said intern acknowledges this by saying "I like how everyone is giving me dirty looks, its not like my foot is sticking outside the doors! You'd think that with all this technology Metro would have a sensor to tell you which car and which door was the problem."

Metro doesn't need sensors to do things like that, they just need you to stop leaning on doors and hitting the door sensors, then trying to pass it off as someone else. Next time try leaning on the wall, or holding on to a railing like the rest of us do.

-Former Intern and Fellow DC resident