Friday, June 05, 2009

Spotted: Metro Etiquette

Pop quiz, interns! If everyone and their mom needs to exit the Metro, but you do not because it is not your stop, do you:

A) Graciously step off the train to allow everyone to exit before getting back on;

B) Skillfully slip into a nook by the side seats so as not to be stampeded by the hoards heading for the door; or

C) Stand, entirely aloof, smack in front of the door so that those who need to exit barely get out before the door slams shut, leaving the few that followed option (A) on the platform and now late for work.

Unfortunately, I can’t verify that the kid I saw was actually an intern. He wasn’t wearing the Scarlett Letter. And it’s quite possible this Blog has got me thinking that every time a cherubic boy does something idiotic he’s an intern. Or, perhaps, it was his Obama pin, displayed proudly on his lapel. I think the President is great –just like every other Dem who lives in DC – but I stopped obnoxiously sporting my pin about a week after the inauguration – just like every other Dem who lives in DC.