Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spotted: Member's Only Elevator

As a former House intern, I have to share this story.

One day I was sent on an errand to the Capitol, and on the way there, the Members were all called to the floor for a vote. So of course some of the elevators from the subway to the main floor of the Capitol were Members-only.

Another intern and I were waiting for the non-Member elevator. With her back to us, waiting for the Member elevator, was a woman in a (admittedly not that flattering) suit.

Here's where the other intern decides to be helpful. Speaking to the woman, and sounding quite pleased with himself, he announced, "Oh, that elevator is for Members only."

She turns around--and of course, it's a female Member of Congress. And a pretty senior one.

She gave him a smile along with what could only be described as a death stare. "Whose office do you work for?" she asked.

The intern looked absolutely terrified. "Senator (X)'s office," he stammered.

I'm sure someone had a quality chat with their intern coordinator that day...