Friday, June 12, 2009

Spotted: Looking for Thomas

Though I'm a nearly 20 year native of the city, this is my first summer interning here, and am finding myself hanging my head in shame when I go out in public, because of the idiocy of my colleagues. Here's a story from my first few days on the job:
One of the admins at the agency I'm in came up and asked for me to research a specific clause of some legislation passed last year. He gave me all the information, said to "get it from Thomas," and have it to him in about 30 minutes. For twenty minutes I went running frantically around the office once, twice, three times, desperately looking for where Thomas' desk was. Finally, I went to the Admin's office and asked him if he could tell me where Thomas sat. The look he gave me was priceless.
Now, I knew what Thomas was. I really did. It was just a momentary slip that was made out of first-week nerves. Personally, however, I don't feel it was as bad as half of the things I'm reading on this amazing blog. All I can ask is that you guys keep giving some of us interns second (and third, and fourth) chances. Most of us just want to do our best!