Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spotted: Lights Off

This morning, Former VP Cheney spoke at an event for Members and their staffers. Of course, a gaggle of interns showed up and crowded around the doorway where Members and staffers were trying to get in and out. Now- it was quite crowded with standing room only so I understand that they may not have known that they shouldn't stand in front of the doors when people are trying to quietly enter and exit.

However, while the VP was speaking, one person who I believe was an intern, leaned against the wall and turned off almost all of the lights in the room. Instead of realizing his mistake he just stood there, leaning against the wall and the other interns around him were just as clueless. A staffer had to make his way thru this crowd of interns- and while doing so they seemed irritated that he was asking them to move so he could turn on the lights- and then move the guy standing against the wall leaning on the lights and turn the lights back on. The intern who turned the lights off acted like he didn't do anything!!! And the others around this guy gave the staffer dirty looks as he had to weave back out of this pack of interns. Sigh-is it September yet?