Friday, June 12, 2009

Spotted: Intern Doppelganger

There was a roundtable in the Capitol yesterday that I was asked to attend at the last minute.  After rushing over and arriving a few minutes late (my own fault, embarrassing), trying to fidget with the doors so they quit flailing open (embarrassing), I finally settle into a seat.  The gentleman moderating the event scurries over to me and asks "Which member's office are you with?"  Still a bit flustered, I stare up at him with a confused look.  When he repeats the question a second time, I realized he had pegged me for an intern (really embarrassing).
After replying that I was staff at an interested organization outside of Congress, I realized what I was wearing: khakis, the crappy shoes I wear walking to and from Metro and a pastel shirt, sleeves rolled up.  
If only I had had a day's notice...