Friday, June 05, 2009

Spotted: The Gamer

Typical Hill Intern responsibilities: Manning the phones, giving Capitol tours, sorting mail, doing research, attending meetings.

Typical Hill Intern privileges: Sneaking back into the office at night to play internet "second life-esque" games?

So apparently "Gamer" figured out that there was a secret hidden key for the office and proceeded to brag to the other interns that she was spending four to six hours in the middle of the night at the office playing online games, and tried to get Staffers to sign up online for the same game.

Her reasoning for why spending the wee hours of the morning at a House office building playing computer games was a good idea: "I'm getting to know the security guards here really well. They totally recognize me now." Oh, really? They recognize the intern that comes back to the office at midnight every night? Shocking. I guess that's a twisted form of networking? So, in true passive aggressive fashion, the other interns removed the hidden key and placed a note in its place that read "go home and go to sleep."

The next day they found a note written in response "Hee Hee I guess you know where the key is too."

There are no words.....