Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Foggy Bottom Rush

As the rush hour hit around 8:30 AM this morning, the blue/orange lines at the infamous Intern Central, AKA Foggy Bottom, ran a no passenger train. This caused the backup to be ridiculous. As everyone scurried on to the next train, the train was clearly full when three Hillterns thought it would be great if they ran and pushed into the train. As people are stumbling, stepping, and squirming to make room for the three Hillterns who just plowed into a spot they clearly did not fit. To top it off, they giggled as if it was a success that they got on the train by inconveniencing at least 15 other people with REAL jobs.

Of course, they were proudly displaying their red badge of pride (shame) and talked about how they were too cool to give that tour today and were just going to ignore that email they received yesterday. Good luck getting that past your supervisor, kid.