Monday, June 29, 2009

Spotted: Flailing Arms

On a busy Thursday before the big energy bill vote, my interns were taking constituent calls.

Midday, a Democratic Leader calls our office to speak with Representative… My know-it-all intern who is older than most of our staff happened to field this call . She told him ‘I’m sorry I can’t transfer anyone to the Congressman. Office policy. Can I take a message?’ He did not leave a message.

Later in the evening at a delegation dinner at a hill establishment, she is standing out side bragging about how she didn’t know who this Democratic Leader guy was. In her animated recap of the call she is flailing her arms around and elbows a Congressman who had been the White House Luau. She then turns and glares at him for running into her spastic arms.

Blowing off a Democratic Leader was enough to make her a star, but physically assaulting a Congressman makes her day soar to legendary intern status.