Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spotted: First Person Intern Account on 17th Street

Please Note: This is a "self-account" story, submitted by one of the interns who was present while this occurred.

Satuday night, after a long, formal, internship-program related dinner, six interns were spotted wandering through Dupont Circle. They were heard saying they just wanted "to sit down and have a few drinks" and were ultimately pointed in the direction of 17th street. There was much debate among the confused interns as to where they ought to go before Intern Girl #1 made herself heard: "Ooohh, that place has lots of strobe lights and loud techno music, let's check it out."

The group of predominantly male interns wandered in and quickly realized that they had walked into a gay bar. As they turned to leave, the obviously amused door manager offered to comp their first round of drinks and cover if they would stay, and, being poor, thirsty interns, they obliged. As they were fully dressed in suit and ties, the interns instantly became a novelty for the group of older, gay men at the bar. After three too many long islands, the interns even made their way to the stage of the dance floor to put on a highly embarrassing display, much to the delight of the crowd.

Moral of the story: interns should know where the hell they're going, bring a change of clothes so they don't look like douches out on the town, and seriously, long islands? Try not to scream "unnecessarily drunk" to everyone at the bar.

(this story was submitted by one of the aforementioned interns.)