Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Coke Cans Contain Metal, Too

While waiting to go through security…I know, this topic has been covered a lot.

Female intern has placed her umbrella and purse through the metal detector, so she’s clearly familiar with the machine, and has mastered the idea that certain items used daily contain metal. However, she’s still holding her can of diet Coke in her hand. The Capitol police officer (because no, interns, they’re not “security guards”) says to her no less than three times (seriously, three) “put it to the side, you can’t take it through.” The look on the dear intern’s face was of total bewilderment – eyes wide, mouth open, desperately trying to interpret was the officer was saying.

Finally, she gets it – “oh, I can’t take the drink through.” The officer didn’t even respond, just shook her head.