Friday, June 12, 2009

Spotted: Cartwheels

[Ok, so not political interns, but still DC summer interns being a pain in the ass.]

Walking back to the office after picking up lunch, my co-worker and I spotted several "teams" of young people (obviously interns) from a private-sector firm clearly on some kind of scavenger hunt. They were wearing matching handmade shirts with their company logo and team names. We made efforts to dodge them as they ran around in packs approaching strangers and blocking sidewalks. 

The kicker was, we were crossing the street with one of these teams, and they were doing cartwheels in the cross walk (a short light, busy intersection) and taking pictures, clearly documenting this heinous act for the purposes of their contest. One intern got a little overly enthusiastic, bumped into a fellow teammate, and the two of them careened in the way of the other pedestrians.

Intern: It's ok, we get paid to do this.

Me: I hope you get paid a lot.

I got no response. 

To the firm who decided it was wise to send their interns into the streets with a camera on some kind of contest: next time, don't let them put your name on their shirts. And if you have enough money to pay your summer interns, maybe you should pay for some kind of indoor team building activity and spare the rest of us. Or just put those well paid interns to, you know, real work.