Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spotted: Bus Bust

It's around 8:15am and I'm on the bus on my way to work. When the bus driver closes the doors and starts to drive away, an intern comes running out of her building and proceeds to run into the middle of Wisconsin Avenue during rush hour. As she's dodging angry DC drivers she's screaming and behaving as though she can't figure out why everyone is honking at her. The bus driver stops the bus to avoid hitting her and when she finally gets to the sidewalk the driver opens the door and chastises her for running into traffic to catch the bus.

She takes a seat across the aisle from me and turns to the boy next to her and says incredulously "Is she [the driver] serious? I mean, I was just crossing the street!" The boy looks at me and rolls his eyes as the girl continues, "I mean, I really can't be late to work. I just really can't."
I almost wish one of those cars had hit her. I bet that would have taught her a lesson.