Friday, June 12, 2009

Phishing for Interns

During the Fall of 08 (during the election) I had an intern at one of one of the two largest political national committees here on the Hill. One day she received an virus email (on her work account) that was obviously from a spammer, and of course it was from a crazy long email address. The email asked to enter her Username and Password of her work account. Now, everyone of course knows not to ever give anyone your log in information over email, especially if you are working at a important political committee with highly sensitive information right? WRONG.

She replied to the email with her username AND password, and as the virus infiltrated and started erasing our entire email system, luckily one of the IT guys caught it BEFORE it really took hold. This was so bad that I, as her supervisor, was yelled at for her being so stupid. This one intern could have crippled our entire email network for days.