Friday, June 12, 2009

Heard: You're Old

We have a new summer intern.

After introducing myself to him, we made a little small talk. I asked where he went to school and it turned out he attends the same university I graduated from seven years ago. I told him I went there too, and he perks up and asks what year I graduated. I replied "graduated in 02."

His face drops and replies with ”Oh, wow so a long time ago, huh? I don't know anyone that old.”



  1. This post is pretty FAIL FAIL FAIL

  2. I don't think what the intern said in this post is inappropriate/stupid/rude etc. I think the staffer is just bitter that the intern called him out on being old. . . .

  3. What person over age 8 makes comments like that?! "I don't know anyone that old"...absurd...and graduating in '02 would make the OP about, 27? 28? yeah, definitely ancient.

  4. I have a feeling what the intern meant (even though phrased stupidly) was that they didn't know anyone from that school who had graduated in or before 2002.