Saturday, June 06, 2009

Heard: Work is for Old People

Overheard on the Red Line last night. They were still wearing their badges, despite it being 10pm on a Friday, and I doubt they were just leaving work.

Intern 1: I'm not good with numbers.
Intern 2: Oh, I'm really good with numbers. Just not the times tables. I gave up on those.
Intern 1: That's okay, memorization is for baby boomers.
Intern 2: I know, right? I had to go to some research seminar last year. It was total bullshit. I mean, maybe back before the internet...
Intern 1: But you can just look stuff up on Wikipedia now. I mean, I can learn more in twenty seconds than I could from reading books.
Intern 2: I totally agree.

Intern 1 was also quoted as saying her History of Mass Media class was really targeted towards 'older people' as she already knew the history of TV.