Monday, June 22, 2009

Heard: Whose Bill?

As a reporter I often have to deal with interns who have no idea what I'm talking about and don’t understand that they can answer simple questions without violating any rules.

I called [Sen. #1]'s office to ask if they had a bill number yet for a specific bill. The intern paused and said, "Why would we know that?" I replied, "Well it is your boss' bill." The intern counted, "Um, actually [Sen. #1] isn't in town right now so there's no way that bill is his." I told the intern that it was [Sen. #1]'s bill and asked to speak to the press secretary or communications director but she said they wouldn't know either.

I gave up and called [Sen. #2]'s office. An intern answered and again I asked for the number of the bill. The intern replied, "Well if that's [Sen. #1]'s bill shouldn't you call his office?" I informed the intern that her boss was working on the bill and would likely would have this information if it was available. Her response: "We only know stuff about our own bills."

Luckily a staffer overheard and took my call.