Friday, June 05, 2009

Heard: Variations of Red

The Red Line was packed for whatever reason, but that didn't stop two interns from taking two separate benches, one in front of the other, even as people poured on the train at Metro Center. Setting their backpacks on the seats next to them, they continued their inane conversation loudly.

Intern #1: Well, I am probably the most moderate conservative in my office. You aren't more moderate than me.
Intern #2: No, I am just slightly right of very moderate.
Intern #1: My office has, like, a very conservative moderate, a very moderate conservative, and me, a conservative moderate.
Intern #2: I don't think you are more moderate than me.

Two middle-aged women hovered over their seats during the middle of this conversation, and the interns either ignored or didn't notice them until the women finally said, "Excuse me!"

They finally moved to accommodate the women after the train had started moving, but continued talking about their varied points on the political spectrum. The guy standing next to me just rolled his eyes at them.