Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heard: Tennis, Anyone?

I work at a small political consulting firm and we really depend on our interns to help with our workload, especially in election years. We've also hired quite a few interns, most of whom go on to be successful in our field. One of the firm's partners started as an intern. Alas, not all interns are worthy of even a second day. In summer of 2007, we met an intern we fondly refer to as "Sleepy." On not just her first day, but her second day as well, she fell asleep at her desk at a workstation near the front door to the office. This wasn't an eyelids are heavy moment, this was full on napping while the main phone rang and folks entered and left the office. When our COO confronted her to let her know it was wildly inappropriate to sleep at her desk, she made the excuse that she had "mild narcolepsy." But she managed to stay awake for the rest of her internship.

Sadly, nap time was not her only embarrassing, unprofessional moment. Later that summer, she sent an email to the entire firm, including our COO, CFO, and partners based in other offices, asking for a tennis ball. When a coworker procured one for her, she explained that she had broken her tail bone and her physical therapist wanted her to use it for some sort of rehab.

The coworker said she could keep the ball.