Monday, June 08, 2009

Heard: Special Intern Metro Car

While waiting to transfer from the Blue to Red Line, one male and one female intern stand behind me. The conversation went something like this:

Female Intern: (while looking at blackberry): "I really hate how everyone is my office presses 'reply all' whenever they want to respond to an email. Why can they just respond to the person who sent it?"

Male Intern: "I know! All the replies fill my inbox and most of the time make me miss important stuff. Like Facebook alerts."

Female Intern: " Exactly! I know the office would just include me in any important meetings anyway."

After chuckling at them for awhile, the train arrives and we move to get on. But oh no, the interns stay back, mumbling about how they wish there was a special metro car just for Hill employees that "the common people" wouldn't crowd into and would get them home faster. I guess they decided they would suffer and just get on the next train.

This common person can happily say she not only got a seat and got home quickly, but knows the next train was halted at the next station for 30 minutes while they transitioned from two to tracks to one.