Monday, June 08, 2009

Heard: Political Dealbreaker

Our office welcomed in a gem of an intern who not only had no background in politics but an apparent lack of interest as well. She was clearly further left than our entire office as evinced by her choice of attire and continued comments regarding her inability to work for her Representative due to his ultra conservative views. She was full of intern wisdom but this following conversation literally had me in hysterics.

Intern: So there are not too many hot members, but I kept hearing about the young one Rep. [Member's name] (although we all clearly know who this is). I looked him up and he is like my perfect man.

Me: Really? How so? He's more conservative then you are. (all the while trying not to laugh.)

Intern: That's not something I would consider a deal breaker.

Me: Let me get this right, you wouldn't take an internship with a Member because he was too conservative but you don't consider those views a deal breaker?

Intern: No, I mean politics like are not going to be an important thing in my life.

After an incredibly long pause....

Me: You do realize that politics might be important in a Congressman's life, right?

I am still trying to figure out how she was hired.