Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Heard: Painted Marble

I just discovered your blog, and I love it! As a former Hill intern, I really appreciate the opportunity to laugh and myself and my peers, and to realize how ridiculous we all must have sounded at times. And just to show that some interns do have the ability to laugh at themselves, here's one of my many gaffes made during my time as an intern:
I was leading one of my very first tours, and we were waiting in line to get into the House gallery. The couple I was leading asked me how often they painted the Capitol in order to keep it so white. As I did not know the answer, I panicked and thought of the most official sounding lie I could think of: "Well, they start at one end and go all the way to the other, and then have to start over again because it's so big!" My tourists were impressed and that was the end of it.
As we were sitting in the gallery, it finally dawned on me that the Capitol was made of marble and indeed did not require painting. However I neglected to correct myself to the tourists, and as far as I know, they probably still don't know the difference. Despite this major gaffe, the staffers in my office were heartily amused when I relayed the story, so it ended up not doing too much damage to my bruised ego.