Monday, June 22, 2009

Heard: One and Done

E-mail correspondence between a company's softball coach and an intern player.

E-Mail #1 (in response to Coach's initial e-mail):


I'm game. I was heading to play college ball before injuring my soldier [sic]. I've taught myself to throw with my other arm now, but probably still have some of that lefty batting magic."

[dialogue from coach] I didn’t think anything of it at first, but I should have figured something was up when he kept giving me excuses as to why he couldn’t make it to any of the games. Finally, about halfway into the season, he makes his softball debut. After his less than impressive pre-game batting practice and considerable lack of “lefty batting magic,” I decided not to play him at all during the game, since it was a close one against a division rival. We won the game, no thanks to my “star” intern. The next day, I have this little gem of an email waiting for me in my inbox:


Congrats with the win yesterday! I want to say a couple of things: First, I wish you would have made it clear about playing time not being that much. I work part-time at night and need to take advantage of any free time. I love showing up and playing, but my friends play baseball games during the week and I am more willing now to go with them now and actually play. Being benched is a new experience for me as a guy (a good humbling experience) who broke the state home run record in my division, who had college scholarships for baseball lined up, and who received the equivalent of a golden glove for center field. Still, I got injured; I’m not in the same shape; I’ve lost speed on my throw, so I of course respect you wanting to keep in the usual players for a meshed team. I love being a team player but have to be on a team to be a player. Second, I thought you wanted to play competitively yesterday. I was fine with you playing people you thought are better players as they have performed before. I had hoped to get a [insert other player's name] in instead of a couple of the mediocre interns as this was my first time but understood that they had performed before. However, I realized during the game that your choice of players had nothing to do with being competitive or respecting the regular players when you had [insert other player's name]. I am the fastest runner on the team and can assure you a base hit off of most anything hit in the infield. So if you had wanted a base runner I thought you would want someone who could ensure a base. Moreover, I know [insert other player's name] hasn’t shown up to a single game this season or practice as well, so your choice had nothing to do with him being a regular player.With that said, since that’s the way y’all play, I’m probably going to opt for sticking to baseball with the guys and truly contributing to a team."


My” one and done” summer softball intern.