Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Heard: No Badges, No Tours

While waiting in the security line…

Intern 1: (Rummaging around in her giant purse looking for her intern badge/scarlet letter). I can’t find it, I guess I must have left it at home. Oh well, no tours for me today (she says this happily).

Intern 2: Oh my god, we should like totally do that! “Forget” our badges so that we don’t have to give tours! That’s awesome!

No interns, it isn’t awesome. I don’t really know what you thought your job was going to be, but tours are an integral part of it. And if your office has to send the staff assistant out to give a tour (who is likely also your intern coordinator) expect to be on tour duty for the rest of the summer as retaliation. Maybe this problem could be solved if you wore comfortable shoes instead of your weekend shoes to work – I’m a fan of heels too, but even I don’t wear them on days that I know I’ll have to be standing or walking a lot.