Monday, June 01, 2009

Heard: McPherson Square Metro

(this e-mail was received from a DC attorney and is an example of how you should be careful what you say and where - DC is a very small city.)

At McPherson Square two young twenty something females boarded the train and sat in the row of seats directly behind my husband and I.

They immediately began talking very loudly; revealing personal identifying information about themselves and making extremely disparaging remarks about three different law firms, two different hiring partners, and two law schools (Yes, I counted...).

The conversation went a bit like this:

Idiot Summer #1: Yeah, I can't believe that idiot went to [insert name of the Midwestern law school they both attend here]. How on earth do you think they let him slide outta there with a diploma?

Bigger Idiot Summer #2: Oh, you mean [Insert full name of lawyer here]? I don't know, and I can't figure out why [Insert name of BigLaw firm here] hired him. That firm is sooooo pretentious. I'm so glad I turned them down.

Idiot Summer #1: Yeah, I felt the same way about [Insert full name of hiring partner at another BigLaw firm here] at [Insert name of another BigLaw firm here]. She sucked. All she wanted to talk about was the summers she had last year from [Insert name of Washington, DC area law school here]. Somebody should tell her that law school sucks.

Bigger Idiot Summer #2: For sure! I'm so glad we ended up at [Insert the name of the law firm they're working for this summer], and that we didn't decide to stick around [insert name of large Midwestern city here]. The summer would have blown if we'd gone to work for that firm with only 18 associates. Bor-ing.

Now, I would love to be able to conclude this story by telling you that I turned around and told these two “ladies” what I thought of them and their lack of civility, but I didn’t. I figure, they’ll learn sooner or later in this town where everyone is a lawyer and most of them know each another.