Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heard: Intern Travel Perks

My boss was asked to interview a potential intern as a favor to someone, and we were lucky enough to have an in-person interview with the guy. Lucky for me, my boss had said that I had to approve the intern as I would be supervising him all summer long. The guy came to the interview having read only the biographies of the heads of the agency and nothing else. He didn't know anything else about the agency, including what we actually do. It would take him 10 minutes to answer a question and it always included a rambling non sequitur for the first 9.5 minutes. After he left, I told my boss that I refused to work with him for the summer. However, she owed this favor, so we convinced a different department in the agency to hire him and said that he could be a liaison between their department and her office - to keep us in the loop as to what they were doing. He's been here three weeks.

The intern we ended up hiring for our office started on Monday, along with two new employees. We had an all-staff meeting Monday right before the end of the day. As we were leaving, one of the new employees asked me a question about the organizational structure of the office. The intern we punted to a different office spoke up and started talking about how we're set up and proceeded to talk about the work experiences of my boss, because he had clearly read her biography on the website. Unfortunately for him, he mixed her up with someone else at the agency, so the bio he gave was all wrong. I politely corrected him. Then he proceeded to explain a group affiliated with the agency. Again, I had to correct all the information. He still continued.

Then he made the mistake of claiming he worked for my boss. I quickly set him straight in front of the actual intern and the new employee by explaining, "No, you work in Division X. You're working on a project that my boss is interested in, so you're supposed to keep us up to date." His silence only lasted a minute as he asked, "But I get to go to the out-of-town conference where the stuff I'm doing will be presented, right?"