Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heard: I Don't Think You Understand

A former intern here who loves your site and have shared it with many old friends (all of us praying we don't see our own gaffes on here).

A couple of summers ago, I was one of very few chosen to work with the general counsel's office of an agency in town. The OGC had a number of sections and then obviously the GC's office which oversaw those sections. I was kissed by fate and was working for the GC personally. At a convention shortly before coming to DC, I met another member of this select group. She attended a different law school that happened to look poorly upon my own.

Through talking, we realized we would be working for the same agency. She inquired what section I would be working for. I told her I would be working in the GC's personal office. She said three times, "No, what section are you working with?" Each of these questions was asked slower and louder. I responded twice with a very similar answer and the third time said, "I will be working for the GC personally." She hesitated and then said, "Ommm, I don't think you understand that there are different sections we will all be working for . . ." and then went on to explain the different sections and what they did. I listened politely as she did this.

She then asked, "Do you know what type of work you will be doing, if you do, I can tell you what section you will be working with." Extremely annoyed at this point, I replied that I was going to be given projects by the GC personally and be reporting directly to that person. She sighed and walked away.

We arrived for orientation on the same day and when I was asked by the attorneys what section I was working for I told them I was working with the GC's personal office. The young lady watched their impressed reactions with a bewildered look on her face. When I arrived for a happy hour with all of the clerks later that week, another said, "[Ms. Smith] told us you are here to spy on us and report back to the OGC, is that true?"

It was a long three months.