Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heard: How to Cite to Wiki

I am a college student in DC, and I have done my fair share of internships. This summer, I did not anticipate on staying in DC for the entire summer; when I decided that I would be staying, most of the more competitive internships had already been filled so I am currently in an administrative internship at a non-profit, doing mostly mailings and the like. Having previously worked at more difficult research positions (with more responsibility), the position I am in now is relatively easy. As I mentioned, more desirable intern positions have already been filled. 

Having said that, the institution where I am interning has research interns on staff who were hired before me. Today, I heard one of the interns tell his boss that he did not know how to list something as a source if it had been found on wikipedia. He was researching something that most poli-sci majors learn on the first day, and he is helping the place where I work to write a book. 

I heard this while trying to keep the printer from jamming as I worked on a mass mailing.

It is really difficult not to be bitter.