Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heard: Dude, Reality Check

I'm a former hill intern... I would like to think I was one of the better ones. I am respectful, although I did ask quite a few stupid questions. 

To staffers: even the interns with some brains ask dumb questions. 

To all of the interns out there: you're there to do the work the staff either doesn't want to do, doesn't have time to do, or if you're *really* good: some basic work they think you might find
interesting. That's your purpose. It's what you signed up for. If you're polite and hard working, (most) staffers will love you for just doing your job right.

This summer I am lucky enough to be one of the few paid interns in the entire city... I get a very modest stipend, but it's pay, so there's no way in HELL I would ever complain about any assignments I get...ever.

Anyway, I and one of my fellow interns, were recently invited by our intern coordinator to attend a cocktail reception at an embassy. This is a major honor of course, and I was thrilled. My fellow intern later retorted to me something to the effect of: "Don't you think we should be getting overtime or time off for going to this thing?"

Dude, you're working in an office with a great staff, a stipend, and you just got invited to a cocktail reception at an embassy. Take a reality check.