Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heard: Chevy Chase Must Have Been HUGE

Two obnoxious interns (of the "bro" variety) interrupted my reading on the bus the other day.  

Their loud conversation, although certainly distracting, faded into the background, as I have become accustomed to conversations concerning "how important my work is at the think-tank" just as I have grown accustomed to the squealing brakes of old Metro buses.  While the two were debating who was doing more to save the world before bedtime, tweedle-dee said to tweedle-dum:

"Dude, have you seen all the Chevy Chase banks around here?"  We had just passed the branch on Wisconsin and Q.  

"Yeah, can you believe it?  He must have been HUGE!"

"Dude, I know!  And I, like, never even thought he was that funny on Saturday Night Live, and Washington names a fucking bank after him!"

I only wish our bus had kept traveling up Wisconsin Avenue, so that those two dimwits could have repeated their conversation in Chevy Chase proper.  But alas, I must be content with knowing that the future of the [prominent think-tank] rests in the hands of two men, who, if they had their druthers, would name all of Washington's financial institutions after comedy stars.  The "Will Ferrell Monetary Fund", anyone?