Thursday, June 04, 2009

Heard: Black Jeans?

At some point or another through our Hill staffer endeavors, we all encounter that one "special" intern (only one if we are lucky), as made evident by this blog, who leaves behind a legacy which will forever after be remembered and periodically recalled with much laughter and cringing.

Prior to said "legendary" intern (for the purposes of relating her adventures we will refer to her as "Greta") officially beginning her internship with our office, she made numerous phone calls to the office asking a wide variety of questions which ranged from what to wear to what time to be there. One particular phone call she asked if it was okay to wear jeans because she wasn't much of a dress or skirt type girl. My very adept and polite co-worker informed her that jeans were not okay.

Most would think that the next question would be along the lines of "Oh ok...well, what about dress pants?"

Oh no...not this young lady. Needless to say, when she immediately responded instead with "Okay well what about black jeans?" ...we knew we were truly in for a treat...