Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heard: Are These Seats Taken?

Yesterday afternoon during my lunch break I made the decision to go to a panel on the upcoming confirmation of Judge Sotomayor. The event had free food and as you can imagine attracted many dozens of interns. Many of them were of an extra special variety, the law school intern. Be aware these special interns, may not make stupid mistakes but, their attitude makes up for it ten fold.

As I went into the actual event I waited in line and grabbed a seat near the middle of the room. In front of me in the packed crowd I noticed an especially boyish looking intern with three seats on either side of him. As I watched I had the pleasure of observing a DC resident tell an intern off. Two women approached the boyish intern and asked him if all of these seats were taken. He then said in a very high school way that the seats were saved. The women told him that this event is first come first serve seating. The women and her friend then proceeded to take two of the seats and sat down. The intern got a very sulky sad look and went to find his friends.

That single event made my day and gave me hope that interns might learn something in DC.