Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heard: It Was Totally Dreadlocked

I recently overheard this story while waiting for the metro.  Two green badge sporting ladies were talking loudly, neglecting to take their bedazzled earbuds out.
Intern 1: Can't believe I'm late again, second time this week.  Coordinator's gonna scream.
Intern 2: Did you call her? 
Intern 1: Nah, I'll just tell her I couldn't drive and use my phone at the same time.  Illegal, you know. 

(Keep in mind, she's waiting for the metro.)

Intern 2: She doesn't know that you don't even have a car?
Intern 1: Nope.  I'll say traffic was dreadlocked this morning.
Intern 2 turns her head, to make sure she heard correctly I assume.
Intern 2: Did you say...traffic was..."dreadlocked?"
Intern 1: Yeah, you know, all snarled and crazy.
This put me in the best mood all day.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Heard: I Read Everything.

A few weeks ago I was riding the metro and heard someone talking about the committee on which my boss sits.  Naturally, I was curious so I started to listen a little more carefully to these two young ladies.  Girl #1 is asking Girl #2 what her job is like.  Girl #2 says that her jobs is great, she "basically works for the committee."  Girl #1 says "oh, I didn't know you worked for the committee."  Girl #2 replies with: "well, I don't really, I work in the personal office, but I work with the committee staff all day long."  Girl #1 naturally asked her what she does for the committee staff.  Girl #2 replies with "well, I read everything [insert ranking member of prominent committee's name] reads before he does.  so my position is definitely important."  At this point, I'm wondering who reads everything a congressman reads before he does, especially someone who is so clearly bragging about it.  I turn around and, sure enough, green badges galore!  Sounds like girl #2 might be embellishing just a tad.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Heard: But I Can't Find Her on the Roster?

I work for a NGO with a board of directors mostly comprised of ambassadors, Members of Congress, former administration senior staff, etc.  I work closely with the President of our organization and sit (very inconveniently) by the lobby of our office.  Due to my proximity to the front desk, I can hear every call that is received and typically, based on context clues, with whom the caller would like to speak.
When our receptionist is out, we have an intern cover the front desk to greet visitors, answers phones, and receive the mail.  Not a difficult task, by any means.  Well, today a seemingly bright, young undergraduate intern was sitting at the front desk.  He received a call and began the conversation politely, "Good afternoon, [organization], how may I help you?"  I smile, thinking to myself this must be one of the good ones.  He asks the caller to hold for a moment.  After roughly 20 seconds of silence, he picks the phone back up and says, "I don't think that person works here...Are you sure you have the right number?" And, then, another disturbingly long pause, "do you mind holding for a moment?"
He puts the caller back on hold, walks across the lobby to my desk and asks who [insert the boss's name here] is.  I look at the intern, very disturbed, and reply, "That is the president of the organization."  His response: "Oh....I can't find her on the roster."  That is because, as instructed, he is supposed to put the calls to the executive office to me.  This is not only verbally taught but also highlighted in bright red at the top of the extension list.  

So, he wanders back to the desk (mind you this has now been roughly 4.5/5 minutes), and transfers the call to me.  Who is the caller?  The Chairman of the Board of Directors (and a very prominent politician in DC).
SMH, intern.  SMH.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Event: Steve Aoki & Pharrell Williams with Waka Flocka @MerriweatherPP #AokiMPP

Steve Aoki and Pharrell Williams with Waka Flocka - October 25 - Merriweather Post Pavilion.

To win tickets, retweet any @DCSummerInterns story with the hashtag #AokiMPP by Saturday afternoon.  Best of luck!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Spotted: The Happiest Place on Earth?

We're a little late to the game on this ... but here's the official guide to being an intern in "Boehnerland."  Apparently some brilliant "sauced" intern left this manual behind at a house party this summer.  We happen to think the more important question is WHY was an intern carrying their manual around at a house party?  Enjoy!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spotted: Hope They Were Culottes

One of my interns showed up during recess in shorts.  She was already sitting down, preventing me from noticing her attire at first, but then another intern mentioned the attire.  I asked her how on earth she thought her appearance was in any way "business casual."  Her response: "It's kind of like a skirt, but with two holes."  I was at a loss for words.  That's certainly casual. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Event: STRFKR @930Club - September 4 #STRFKR930

This week's concert ticket giveaway is @Starfucker at the 9:30 Club next Wednesday, September 4th.

If you're interested in winning tickets, retweet an @DCSummerInterns story with the hashtag #STRFKR930 by Friday at 5:00pm.  Best of Luck!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spotted: If Only He Used the Bend-and-Snap!

Last week our DC office had to ship a couple of packages to our district office.  We placed the packages out front and told our intern to make sure that when the UPS guy came he took them.  The intern said no problem, he would make sure the UPS guy got them. 

I had to leave early that day, before the UPS guy did his rounds to pick up the packages. When I arrived the next morning ... well, what a sight to behold!  That very same intern was at the front desk opening up the very same boxes.  Not only did he not make sure they were shipped in a timely fashion, but he forgot they existed, neglected to read the ship slip, and assumed they were newly delivered packages to our office.  

Perhaps if he had used the bend-and-snap (works every time!) the evening before, the UPS guy would have picked them up.